Monday, March 24, 2008

Green Ink: Return of the Limits of Growth

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The weakening U.S. economy is creating a tug-of-war for oil prices
expected weaker demand drives down crude early Monday, reports Bloomberg.
The Saudis kept their promise to boost oil output, concludes vice-president Cheney
Malthus joins forces with the Club of Rome in a big look at global growth and resources,
Growing per-capita resource consumption around the world has economists and policy-makers scratching their heads and reviving phantoms of the 1970s.
the future of green-collar jobs; green diplomacy in Sweden; turning garbage into energy; how environmental logging can restore old mill towns; and the rise of green planning for anti-sprawl communities.
Grist looks at Kansas governor Sibelius’s decision to block new coal plants
And Grist looks at how the business groups are faring in their battle against tougher climate legislation.
he WSJ (sub reqd) sees the possible future of U.S. cars
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