Saturday, March 01, 2008

Your Boss Knows What Web Sites You Visit

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The survey by the American Management Association and the ePolicy Institute found that 66% of the 304 businesses surveyed monitor what Web sites employees visit and 43% monitor the contents of the emails employees send. It also found that businesses are willing to act when they feel employees are abusing the technologies: 30% say they’ve fired someone for misusing the Internet and 28% say they’ve fired someone for misusing email.
The AMA seems to think the worst of employees. In its write-up of the survey it accuses employees of playing “fast and loose with internal email,” and the survey’s tone suggests that employees are just waiting for an excuse to goof off.
“It’s the folks who go overboard who get in trouble,” Manny Avramidis, a senior vice president at the AMA, told us when we asked if workers should be worried. He then listed activities that he thought were OK: Sending an email to make sure your child made it home safely or ordering flowers on Valentines Day.
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