Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Primary Care Doc Builds an Electronic Office, and Nobody Comes

No doubt this doctor is early with this strategy.

I envision a doctor visit via a web cam. With a growing number of people without health care a cheap solution to a simple antibiotic will be a real home run.

The web cam satisfies the need to talk to the doctor live. If its a simple ailment that needs a generic prescription that works. If its more serious the doctor could direct the patient to the emergency room or to a doctor.

I believe in the future people will willingly pay $30 for the web cam consult and then 4 bucks for a generic drug.
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Three years ago, Ben Brewer took the leap and paid for a fancy Web site that allows patients to send secure emails and have electronic consults.
Brewer counts himself among the minority of doctors willing to take the online plunge. “Most doctors I know seem unwilling or unable to make even email part of the way they practice medicine,” he writes. Legal worries and data overload are the deterrents.
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