Thursday, May 29, 2008

Final CNBC Bonus Bucks Answers for Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Squawk Box
In “The Steady Rise of Oil” (April 18) what transportation metaphor did Sri Jegarajah use?
Answer: garage the station wagon

Squawk on the Street
In “Housing Issues Scarier Than High Oil Prices” Wilbur Ross said how many U.S. public firms are run badly? Answer: 1%

The Call
On Tuesday’s Mad Money show, which Cold War phrase did Cramer reference?
Answer: Warsaw Pact

Power Lunch
In “(Oil) Drilling For a Better Portfolio” how did Gerald Jordan describe Weatherford Intl.?
Answer: sort of mini-Schlumberger

Street Signs
How did Sports Biz blogger Darren Rovell feel upon learning tennis star Ashley Harkleroad posed for Playboy? Answer: sorrowful

Closing Bell
CNBC Stock Blog: On May 20, which bank did Jeffery Harte say had the best management team? Answer: JPMorgan

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