Friday, May 02, 2008

Review: 'Iron Man' flies high thanks to snarky Robert Downey Jr.

This is a sure-fire hit. Are you going?
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In Iron Man (* * * out of four), Downey's likably snide playboy character is cut from the same anti-hero cloth as Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow — and he's primed to annihilate the competition this weekend.
 Ready for action: Robert Downey Jr. is an unlikely but likable superhero.
Downey's Tony Stark, the weapons magnate who creates and dons the high-tech suit, is charismatic, sarcastic and witty. And he finds a way to fuse swaggering confidence with soulful self-deprecation, transforming a comic-book hero into an offbeat and complex character.
His worldview is radically altered in Afghanistan after being taken prisoner; he builds the super-suit and vows to do good.
The extra heft brought to their cartoonish characters and the special-effects action make Iron Man entertaining and fun
with the expected Marvel comic-book feats enacted with expert computer-generation imagery, the film blends elements of Transformers with James Bond movies
Stark soars around in his titanium alloy outfit, aiming fireballs with perfect precision, he is as potent a figure as Superman

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