Friday, May 09, 2008

Secret to long life?

Interesting article, worth reading.
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A man who lived to age 114 died recently on a small Mediterranean island. Until age 102 he rode a bicycle every day to tend to his family's orchards. His 101-year-old brother, his two daughters aged 81 and 77, and a nephew aged 85 all still live in a small town on the Spanish island of Minorca.
In an attempt to find out, the researchers tested the whole family for two genetic mutations associated with longevity and healthy bones, and found that the family lacked these bonus points
long and healthy life
Scientists are coming closer to understanding biological factors that affect aging, but a medical fountain of youth is still a long way off.

"Take advantage of what you have genetically by having a healthy lifestyle," said Díez Pérez. "If your genes are positive, you will increase the advantage. If your genetic luck is not so positive, you will compensate for that. It’s a very pragmatic message."

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